Add A Dash Of Healthy Fat To Your Salads And Raw Veggies

Adding healthy fat to Salad Greens

You want to eat healthy. So, you include salads with dark leafy greens (like kale, swiss chard, and spinach), carrots, tomatoes, etc. They are packed with essential nutrients like Vitamin A, E & K. Incidentally, these vitamins are fat soluble, which means that some amount of fat is needed in your diet to help your body absorb them.

If you are already eating another dish with some fat in it, you are probably okay. If not, adding a dash of healthy fat like olive oil or coconut oil can help your body absorb these vitamins better and squeeze the maximum nutritional value of the healthy food you are eating.

You don’t need a lot. Just a couple of tablespoons will do the trick. Or just add some nuts, which have natural fat in them. But the best trick is to add some Avocado to your meal. It is a super food, which also contains the kind of fat that is good for you.



Eat Carrots Cooked Instead Of Raw.

Nutrition Hack - Cooked or Stir Fried CarrotsRaw carrots make a great tasty snack. They are very healthy for you too. But, if you want to supercharge their health benefits, just cook them whole. For some mysterious reason, when you chop up cooked carrots you get more nutritional value.

So, first cook the carrot whole, then slice, chop, cut or dice them. This helps retain up to 25 percent more of a cancer­fighting compound called falcarinol. Of course, remember Nutrition Hack­1 and make sure you have some healthy fat along with it to ensure maximum absorption of the Vitamin A in it.




Don’t Boil Your Vegetables.


steam vegetablesMany healthy eaters include boiled vegetables in their diet. And…why not? They are healthy and super low on all the bad stuff ­ sugars, fats and cholesterol.

So, it makes perfect sense to have it in your diet right? But what do you do with all that water? Most people throw it away.

Unfortunately, the process of boiling removes a bulk of nutrients from the veggies into the water. If you are making soup, that is just fine. You’ll be consuming the nutrients too. But, if you are eating the boiled vegetables and throwing the water away, you are losing a huge portion of the valuable nutrients in them.

Alternatively, consider steaming the vegetables or lightly sauteeing them to retain their nutritional value. And remember that little dash of healthy fat to maximize absorption.




Refrigerate Potatoes After Cooking To Reduce Spikes In Blood Sugar.


 cut the boiled potatoPotatoes contain fast digesting starches that can cause a sudden surge in your blood sugar levels just like consuming sugary foods. If you are trying to healthy and watching your sugar intake, this can be counterproductive.

The solution?

Simply stick the potatoes in your refrigerator after cooking. In about 24 hours, the cold temperatures will lower the glycemic index of the potatoes. Consuming these potatoes will give you about 25% less spike in blood sugar.

Adding a little bit of dietary fat will also help slow down starch digestion resulting in even lower spikes in blood sugar.




Don’t Cook Chopped Garlic Right Away.


Chopped_or_minced_garlicGarlic is a powerhouse of health benefits. But, some of the most potent of those health benefits are lost if you cook garlic immediately after you chop it.

There is a protein inside garlic called alliin, which interacts with a heat­sensitive enzyme called alliinase to produce a compound called allicin. Scientists believe allicin has powerful antimicrobial and cancer fighting properties.

But, allicin is only produced when you cut through the different layers of garlic to let alliin and alliinase do the synthesizing process.

So, cut your garlic and let it sit for about 10 minutes or so before you toss it into the heat for cooking. This will maximize its healing properties and nutritional benefits.




Soak Nuts To Increase Nutritional Value


nutrition hacks nutsNuts are a great healthy snack. They are filling and can control hunger pangs that make you reach out for other unhealthy snack choices. They are packed with protein and also include essential fatty acids like omega­3 and omega­6.

Unfortunately, they also contain lectins, phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors which our digestive system cannot digest. They cling on to essential minerals in our diet like iron, zinc and calcium, preventing their effective absorption into our body. This could result in loss of bone density and serious mineral deficiencies.

Simply soaking the nuts in water activates a natural process that releases enzymes that break down these harmful components. The soaked nuts are then more easily digestible with increased nutritional value.

You generally have to soak the nuts for a few hours at least depending on the quantity. The general rule of thumb though is to soak them overnight for maximum benefits.



Eat The Skin Of Your Organic Fruits And Veggies.


skin of veggiesThe skin of most fruits and vegetables is packed with nutrients. But, most people usually discard the skin because of the fear of consuming pesticides widely used in modern day agriculture.

So, how do you get the nutritional benefits of the skin without worrying about the toxins of pesticides?

Buy certified organic produce and wash thoroughly.

You’ll get all the nutrients the fruit or vegetable has to offer including the powerful antioxidants in them that help prevent cell damage.